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The Key to the Next Generation of Success

We can confidently state that our customers trust us because of the peace of mind we provide through our strict focus on delivering real solutions. Your time and budget is important to us which is why we are dedicated to meeting your requirements and minimizing downtime risks and costly processes.


We take a lot of professional pride in providing the very highest design and automation solutions to clients all over the world and various industries. From packaging, DOD, automotive, gas, appliance, boiler and much more—our team of experts provide a comprehensive range of value-added engineering services to help you achieve innovative manufacturing solutions that deliver the highest productivity at the lowest cost possible.


These industry designations — planning, designing, manufacturing, automating and installing — require the very highest standards at all levels in the process. Quite simply, it must work and work well.

We are a multi-generational machine design and automation company that provides solutions to a wide variety of clients through the continental US and internationally. We take our craft seriously and seek perfection in every project we undertake. Our mission is providing the highest quality service, support and solutions to our customers.

From Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Fabrication to Control Systems, Assembly and Consulting—we are your total design, automation and integration solution.

Our Services

Engineering • Design • Manufacturing/Fabrication​ Control System​ • Assembly • Consulting


We design, engineer and build custom automated work cell solutions that fit your needs. Our goal is to help you increase output, decrease production costs and position you for greater successes.


Identifying and solving problems in the manufacturing space is what our engineers obsess about every day. We use Solidworks, a 3D CAD system to design and develop efficient processes. We also design systems that can be manually driven, automated and with robot integration. We will make it work for you.


Control. That is the name of the game when it comes to electrical engineering and what we focus on when it comes to developing a design for your process. Our team is able to integrate controls through a wide variety of solutions to best fit our client’s objective. It’s no small task, but one we take seriously and accomplish daily.

The Next Generation of Success

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